3 Summertime Corporate Outings

When work becomes just that—all work and no play—it can start to negatively impact your team’s morale and overall productivity. By the time summer comes around, everyone is ready for a vacation but doesn’t always have the luxury of taking time off. Fortunately, organizing a fun corporate outing during company time is the perfect way to keep your colleagues from falling into the monotonous functions of the workplace while showing them that you appreciate all that they do! Below, explore three #CentralCoasting outings that are perfect for a summertime corporate retreat. 1. Footgolf or Disc Golf Tournament Nothing will get your team’s…

Memorable Meetings on the Central Coast

10 Tips for Memorable Meetings

Tip 1. Go Off-Site. While it might seem like a good idea to cut costs by holding the meeting at your own office, it can be incredibly inefficient in the long run due to typical work distractions. A change of locale promotes efficiency and gives everyone a change of pace to make new decisions. Tip 2. Break Things Up. Go for 4-5 smaller breaks, instead of 2-3 longer breaks. These frequent short breaks will encourage everyone to stretch, lightly chat, and recharge; they will be more creative, while not losing the focus of the meeting that can often happen with a long break….

Best Meeting Room Configurations for Your Next Event

Hello, all. In order to make planning meeting events easier and more productive for our guests, we’ve added a 3-D Floorplan widget to the Paso Robles Inn‘s website. This visual tool makes it easier to see the amount of people that can comfortably fit in one of our four meeting spaces, and also shows a variety of different seating arrangements and room configurations. This blog goes along with the widget, and will explain different meeting configurations and their respective benefits, allowing you to make the best choice of configuration for your unique meeting. Banquet Grand Ballroom & Matador Room The Paso…