8 #CentralCoasting Activities for When it Stays Lighter Longer

This Sunday, we “spring forward” to find our days filled with another brilliant hour of sunshine. Once Daylight Savings Time takes effect on Sunday at 2 AM, the sun won’t set on the Central Coast until after 7 pm, giving us plenty of time after work or school to enjoy the outdoors.

Where to See Wildflowers

On the Central Coast, we’re wild about wildflowers! With all the rain we’ve been getting recently, California is finally showing it’s true colors — orange, yellow, and purple flowers are blooming almost everywhere! This beautiful time of growth is something you don’t want to miss during your time on the Central Coast. Lucky for you, we’ve highlighted the best spots to stop and smell the roses, or poppies in this case. Shell Creek Road As you make your way Eastward through Santa Margarita on Highway 58, you’ll understand why Shell Creek Road is one of the most popular spots to view…