Our Top Tips for Planning a Central Coast Wedding

When picking a wedding venue, many find themselves choosing the destination in the suspiciously beautiful gem of California,The Central Coast. From vineyards to oceanfront hotels, ranches to churches, the variety of venues available on the Central Coast mean that you can easily live your dream wedding theme.

Central Coast Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Ideas

The classic bachelor or bachelorette party conjures up wild, party-fueled images, but that version of a party, as shown in thousands of shows and films, isn’t the only way to go! Ultimately, the point is to get together with friends and spend a fun time together before the wedding takes place, and that goal can be accomplished in many ways. From a wild and adventurous sojourn to Vegas, to a chill and relaxed camping trip in the wilderness, the choice depends on the group’s preference and personality. Some even ditch the gender-separated party idea and bring “bachelors” and “bachelorettes” to celebrate together. If you need some inspiration…