5 Perks of Planning Summer Vacations Early

Summer is so close we can taste it! Summer on the Central Coast means perfect weather, lingering warm evenings drinking wine and listening to music, and adventurous outdoor activities to enjoy with the whole family. Read on and discover all the perks of planning that summer vacation early, all of which you can enjoy if you book in advance with Martin Resorts today for your next Central Coast vacation.

How to Stay Active on Vacation

Although vacations are the perfect time to relax and retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle of real life, sometimes lounging around the whole time can feel unnatural. After many days of sitting by the pool and indulging in some delicious food, you can start to feel that pre-vacation diet and muscle tone go out the window! Exercising while your on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t still relax, and being active means you can experience your destination in a whole new way. The Central Coast of California is known for its outdoor, active lifestyle, meaning even the visitors are encouraged…