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Our Favorite #CentralCoasting Entries: August

As fall slowly begins to creep in during September and school or work schedules begin to fill up, it’s time to look back at those last sweet seconds of summer! August was full of fun, sun and sand here on the Central Coast, but since the month is over it’s time to reminisce some of our favorite #CentralCoasting moments.

Each month we hold an Instagram contest and with the hashtag #CentralCoasting and invite users to share snapshots of how they spend their time on the beautiful California coast! We randomly select a winner and reward that individual with a free night’s stay at one of our Central Coast properties. Ready to enter? Click here for details.

1. “Flashback to one of the most beautiful places and sunsets I’ve seen.” by @berlinlikethe.city

What we love: You really can’t beat a gorgeous Central Coast sunset! Serious props to anyone who can encompass the beauty of a sunset  — Berlin you nailed it. Thanks for capturing this moment! 

Berlin sitting on a rock as the sunsets over the ocean.
(c) @berlinlikethe.city


2. “It’s happy here.” by @vanessaolguin

What we love: There’s nothing better than the sunshine on your back and ice cream on your face! This looks like the ideal summer day — thanks for sharing this super sweet photo Vanessa!

(c) @vanessaolguin


3. “Pismo Beach ” by @redaguilar

What we love: The views from our very own Pismo Lighthouse Suites still leave us breathless! You really can’t wake up to a better view than this one, a coffee and a comfy chair and you’re set — thanks for sharing with us @redaguilar!

Overlooking the ocean from beautiful Pismo Lighthouse Suites
(c) @redaguilar


4. “Hiking days are the best days! #dogstagram ” by @LeilaAndChibi

What we love: Those happy dog smiles can’t help but make us smile too! Enjoying the outdoors is so much more fun when you have you favorite furry pal(s) by your side. Thanks for the PUP-date! 🐾 

(c) @LeilaAndChibi


And the winner is… “Pirates Cove in all her Summertime Glory 😎💜🌺🌊🌞” by @iam.blamb!

What we love: This is definitely a glorious view! Way to show off what a day on the Central Coast can look like. Needless to say, we ship it. 😉  As our winner, Britni will enjoy a free one-night stay at her choice of the Martin Resorts properties. Congrats!

Want to be our winner next month? Keep on #CentralCoasting.

Boats in the beautiful Pirates Cove
(c) @iam.blamb

Let the fall posts begin!

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