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Bring the Beach Home with DIY Souvenir Ideas

While a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes you want to commemorate your #CentralCoasting memories with something more tangible. Souvenirs can serve as lovely reminders for your time spent exploring Avila or Pismo Beach, but what about something more unique to your own experiences? With these DIY crafts, you can bring a piece of the Central Coast home with you, and treasure your time spent with us for years to come.

Beach Photo Shadowbox

When you stay at a Martin Resorts property, we encourage you to share your adventures with us by using #CentralCoasting on Instagram. When you do, you’ll be entered for the chance to win a one-night stay at one of our properties! This craft is the perfect way to showcase your adventures in you own home after the vacation is over. Before you head home, be sure to gather sand and shells from your favorite Central Coast beach to be used in your shadowbox.

Supplies: 8×10 shadowbox / 8×10 photo print / scissors / sand / shells / packing tape

Step 1: Fit your #CentralCoasting photo print to the back of the shadowbox. You may have to trim your photo for it to fit just right. Then, roll a small piece of tape on the back of the photo so it sticks to the backing of the shadowbox.

Step 2: Add small amounts of sand and some shells to the bottom of the shadow box.

Step 3: Place the picture backing on the back of the shadowbox, secure the clips, and gently turn it over to see if you’d like to adjust your sand or shell placement. Once your satisfied with the finished product, tape the back bottom corner of the shadowbox to avoid sand spilling through the crack.

Seashell Planter

After gathering shells along your favorite beach, let them grow into a totally unique planter! This Seashell Planter will give your garden the beachy vibes you enjoyed on your vacation, and is simple to do!

Supplies: Terra Cotta pots / Somewhat uniform shells / Glue gun & glue sticks / Succulents & potting soil

Step 1: Arrange your shells from largest to smallest to give them a nicer fit when you’re gluing them to the pot.

Step 2: Use your glue gun to squeeze glue on the base of the shell and along the sides. Position the shell to the top of your pot, slightly overhanging the edge. Then, repeat along the rest of the trim. Glue the shells in the same way for the next row, and in between the shells on the row above, repeating until the entire pot is covered.

Step 3: Pour some soil in the bottom of your pot, nestle a succulent of your choosing in the soil, and then add some top soil to finish.


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